My older brother recommend this restaurant to our every relatives. Thanks to my brother, i love this place! Great place for lunch deals! I usually order the Chicken Kabob and rice lunch special, which consists of rice, 1 chicken skewer, Naan bread, and a side salad (or soup). All of this for about $7, not a bad deal for great delicious food and a lot of it. They also serve a small onion and a roasted tomato with the meal. The best part of the meal is spreading a little butter on the rice and bread along with some onion, and seasoning, so amazingly tasty…

Also, please don’t hesitate to ask for more bread, the staff is pretty friendly and will bring you more if you ask for it.
The only negative of this place is the parking lot and it is not the best during peak times. So make it to go and eat some where at the park or your house. But waiting there, it’s worth the wait.

If you ever head over to OC make sure you give a try to this particular Persian restaurant and see if you like it.

Few pictures i would like to share with you.

Address to Naan & Kabob:

416 E 1st St
Tustin, CA 92780
(714) 665-2262

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