Proud to be an American

As a proud Muslim American, I find this event “Million Muslim March” on 9/11/2013 to be very insensitive. September 11th is a day for Unity, Mourning and Peace building!

NOT a day to “demand” the civil rights we already HAVE as Americans. This sounds like a bogus event created by Anti-Muslims to slander our peaceful religion! The “AMPAC” isn’t found until around announcing this event. This supposed PAC has a website per the VERY biased Washington Times article. However besides the Eventful & Facebook events, AMPAC has NO official site online! Anti- MUSLIM HOAX! (Even if there is any site on it, don’t care about it and please PEOPLE OF ISLAM, DO NOT PARTICIPATE PERIOD)

If it’s not an actual hoax then whoever created it does NOT follow or does NOT understand the teachings of TRUE Islam as revealed in the Torah, Gospel, & Qur’an, or the Islam taught by the one Almighty God (Allah in Arabic) of Prophets Adam, Moses, Abraham, David, Jesus, & Mohammed (May God’s peace & blessings be upon them ALL). Positive communication, respect, mutual understanding and peace are the keys to the future, especially for any person of faith (God willing).

So please spread peace not hate and i request all Muslim around United States and the rest of world not to participate in “Million Muslim March” on September 11, 2013. Instead, lets pray to the men, women, and children killed in the terror attacks of 2001. May God and Angels watch over them and hold them in his loving Grace and Mercy.


May Peace Prevail On Earth & God Bless Our Beloved Country “The United States Of America”. Aameen

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