As a must buying every technology product person. I bought Windows 8 laptop for my wife and i had Windows Phone 8 for a very long time. Ever since i am in love with Windows 8 OS but there has been a lot of criticism about the new start screen and bunch of features missing in new OS. Microsoft has address these issues with the new Windows Blue update. These new features update continued to change over the next few weeks. Microsoft release the preview version at the BUILD conference in mid June.

Microsoft’s Windows CFO Tami Reller has announced code-named update “Windows Blue” that will be called, Windows 8.1 and it will be a free update to Windows 8 for consumers throughout in Windows Store.


Tami Reller also mention that Microsoft has more than 70K Metro Style/Windows Store apps in the Windows Store. The Blue update for Windows 8.1 will be available for both Win 8 and Windows RT. For that, tablets that running RT version will also get the update.

Windows 8.1 will deliver the next generation of computer, laptops and tablets with OEM partners and show the experience to both business and consumers alike –need and will just expect moving forward, according to Tami Reller.

As of now, there is no specific details on what the new features and inclusion in Windows 8.1 will be. There are rumors that Start menu could make a comeback with Windows 8.1 and it will be the most sought after feature with the current Win 8.

Windows 8.1 public preview will be available starting on June 26th, timing with the Build developer conference in San Francisco, California. Preview will be available for Windows RT and Windows 8.

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