By the grace of God, from a young age I always been a fan of learning about other religions. Since the beginning, human kind always thought about God or Gods who are controlling everything in the world, universe and heavens. Everyone looking for God, some looked for God in people, some looked for God in nature, some looked for God in universe but overall it all comes to one true God that created everything.

As a follower of Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) I have discovered that every Prophet From Adam to Noah to Abraham to Moses to Jesus And to Muhammad (peace be upon them) all had one goal to let the people of the world know about one true God. You even find that one God in Buddhism, Hinduism, and all other religions of the world. Some called that one true God in their language: Yahweh, Allah, Elohim, Ishwar, Brahmā, RA, and the list goes on.

Before i share my religious site, I want you to first keep in mind that Islam is not a religion. Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) came for the entire world. He did not mention anywhere in the Qur’an that he is bringing a new religion for human kind. God send Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) to give a warning message to worship only one God. This warning messages came through Prophet Abrahamic (pbuh) faith (monotheism).

Since Qur’an is the final testament, I have decided that I should enlighten you about Islam and it’s foundation.

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