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Got Over 250000 Subscribers – What Is New?

April 19, 2016 Announcement 0

Oh boy! Just checked out my subscription list. I went from 1 subscriber to over 250K subscribers in 12 years time period. That is something i can be proud of. It took time and dedication to keep my subscribers updated about latest technologies and personal blogging as well (those who appreciated). It is an amazing feeling that ever since i switch my subscription to I have gotten more subscribers. Thanks to all of you for keeping up with me.

What is new? 

After many emails fight, i have gotten my domain name back:

I’m so glad that I got it back from an Asian person who was not letting it go. It was my fault that i removed it from my server and forgot to parked it… meaning no body can take the domain name as long as i have the pass-code with me. But thanks to God, i have gotten it back without paying anything to this guy.

ShaikhPortal going to be the main name for my company instead of my full name. is the place you will know my projects, websites, marketing tools etc.

Please visit: Today!