Eye Donation

There are millions of people who are blind because of problems affecting the cornea. They can regain good vision by corneal transplantation. But the rate of eye donations is far less than the need. Therefore, it is an appeal

January 12, 2016 0

Hоw Muсh Dоеѕ а Website Design Cost

I аm оftеn asked, “How muсh dоеѕ а website cost?” аnd quіtе simply thе answer іѕ “It depends оn уоur website requirements”. Hоw muсh оr hоw lіttlе уоu require іn thе еnd solution wіll affect thе price put fоrwаrd bу аnу web design agency. And trust me, prices dо vary frоm оnе agency tо thе…
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January 8, 2016 0

Protect Eyes From Computer Screen Glare

Lot of people use computers for long hours on daily basis. While few use PC for long time due to work profile constraints other prefer to stay connected to computer to socialize and interact with friends on social websites like Twitter, Facebook etc. What may be the reason, it is important to take care of eyes…
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January 8, 2016 0

How To Keep 2016 Resolutions

2016 is here, and it’s time to talk 2016 New Years Resolutions. This is a time when the world makes promises to do countless acts of self-improvements. There is no doubt that this activity makes the world a better place,which is why I’m writing a blog post about it. But making sure a New Years Resolution…
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December 21, 2015 0

Happy Thanksgiving!!

Thanksgiving is a time to gather around loved ones to be grateful for all that we have been so abundantly blessed with and also to spare a thought for those not so lucky. It is a season of bountifulness and a reason to

November 26, 2015 0

The Best Story Books For Children Under 5 years Of Age

My daughter just recently turned 5 years old and she already in Kindergarten. Ever since she was a little baby, she has always liked books. She had books which were soft toys.

August 11, 2015 0

Solving The Multi-Platform Challenge In Mobile Devices

The writing is on the wall is clear with mobile devices becoming mainstream business devices. In addition to the current workhorse – the PC, consumers and businesses are adopting internet connected smartphones and tablets in record numbers. The path for mobile device enablement for businesses is fragmented and full of challenging decisions. This starts from…
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January 10, 2014 0

About Amtrak Train, Comparison To Greyhound Bus And WiFi App

Although i am not a fan of traveling long distance in train or bus. I rather prefer airbus but if you got no choice and the only option is either Amtrak train or greyhound bus then i would definitely choose train over bus.

July 25, 2013 0

4 SEO Tips Evеrуоnе Shоuld Know

You саn find а lot оf SEO tips online ranging frоm beginner knowledge tо advanced expertise. Yоu mау оr mау nоt understand аll оf thоѕе tips, but thеrе аrе ѕоmе vеrу basic tips thаt уоu muѕt understand.

July 8, 2013 0

Noorani Halal Restaurant – Best Pakistani Restaurant

I would give this restaurant 5 stars based on their food. Needless to say, this place simply based on the fact that it’s situated smack dab in the epicenter of all things Vietnamese and they will not evacuate and flee like everyone else.

February 9, 2013 0