Top 10 Similarities Between Different Religions

“One religion read is all religions understood”: Agreeing with us or debating with this statement is at your discretion. And even though in the past religious differences may have caused upheavals, it was not because religions taught us differently, it was because we misinterpreted whatever was written in different prose and language. Overcoming these barriers, we have compiled a list of the top 10 similarities between different religions. Read on to get some insights of how we all are connected to one God through various religions:

10. Peace and Non-Violence:

All religions maintain that peacemakers are the children of the Almighty. Peace is a way of drawing together people, communities and nations into an everlasting friendship. It is the absence of anger and malice, and the presence of compassion and forgiveness that will bind people into unity. The Bhagavad Gita, The Bible, the Quran, each in their own way gives the same message of conducting yourself with peace and non-violence.

9. All of humanity is united:

There is not a single religion, which differentiates between people on the basis of their caste, creed, color and nationality. They all preach that every single person is God’s child and that we all are one big family. This also implies that we all must live in harmony and peace and not make enemies with our own brothers.

8. Morals:

Morals are difficult to explain. But, when put simply, all religions tell us that basic morals every person must follow comprise of – don’t lie, don’t steal and never commit adultery. The Ten Commandments from the Bible, the Ten Percepts of the Buddha and verses from the Bhagavad Gita all clearly state the vitality of morals in the life of humans.

7. Compassion and respect for everyone:

Compassion invites happiness. No one can earn respect from others if they are not compassionate and considerate towards them. Buddha goes to the extent of saying that we must love our enemies as well, and that loving back people who love is not worth rewarding but loving everyone, even the one who hates, is true compassion.

6. I AM- The universal name of God:

Although all religions have their original scriptures written in different languages and they address God with different names. They all share the common phrase “I AM.” Many religions tell that us that God’s name cannot actually be pronounced as God cannot be put into any form of limits. But, nonetheless, all religions make a reference to God as “I AM”.

5. Spiritual knowledge is within man’s reach:

Many religions narrate that a human’s task to seek knowledge begins at birth and only ends with his death. If you sincerely set out in search of knowledge, one day you surely will learn the scared truth. Knowledge is like a hidden treasure, you have to make earnest efforts to unearth its reality. All religions in the world agree on this in one way or the other.

4. God resides within us:

Going into the depths of religious teachings, we can learn that God is nearer to us than we can ever think. Jesus tells us that the kingdom of God reigns within each one of us. The Bhagavad Gita says that God dwells in everything. The Upanishads reveals that God is hidden in all living beings.

3. God is always light:

God is always light means that where ever there is God, you will only see hope. All things in the presence of God appear illuminated and nothing remains hidden in the dark of ignorance. According to the Quran, it’s the Allah’s light that keeps the heavens and the earth illuminated all the time.

2. God is omnipresent:

Not just does God reside within each one of us, but as they say, God is everywhere. The Bible says God fills the heaven and the earth. The Upanishads say the whole world is Brahman. All religions vow that there cannot be a place without the existence of God there. Everything there is, is God.

1. God is one:

No matter which part of the world you live, no matter what religion you follow, no matter which deities you pray to, at the end of it all God is one. Since different religions originated in different parts of the world, God was given a varying name in each language, but beyond the barriers of communication, God is just the same.

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