About this site

This is my personal website, where I post documents and software I've written, in the hopes that you'll find them interesting or useful. It includes serious articles, useful programs, and purely whimsical stuff too. Since this is a personal site, this site's content is not endorsed by Alex A Shaikh's employer, government, or guinea sheep.

Yes, you can donate!

I gladly take donations. The easy way is to use Paypal to send a donation. Thanks so much for your generousity!

Can I link?

If you find any of my material interesting, please link to it and recommend that material to others. I'd appreciate it! You don't need to ask permission to link to the material on a website, including mine; just link to it.

There's no legal requirement to ask for permission to link (at least in the U.S.). In April 2000, Federal Judge Harry L. Hupp in his ruling on deep linking Ticketmaster vs. Tickets.com, Inc, 2000 U.S. Dist LEXIS 12987 (D. Cal. 2000), stated that, "hyperlinking does not itself involve a violation of the Copyright Act... since no copying is involved". This is confirmed by the "Frequently Asked Questions About Copyright", from the CENDI Copyright Working Group, January 2, 2002 (updated August 2007), question 2.4.6 "Is it copyright infringement to link from your website to copyrighted material on another". It is a real hardship on authors when millions of people send link permission requests.

If you have to get written permission to create a link to my site, I will provide it. But that is extra work for me, so I charge $50 per request to cover my time. Please contact me for details. Alternatively, just admit that the law already gives you free speech rights, including permission to use citations such as links.

In a few cases I know that some URLs will change; in those cases, I try to post recommendations on what to link to instead, and I highly recommend that you follow my recommendations (for your own sanity's sake!). The notion of asking for permission to link is just silly; the whole point of the World Wide Web is to enable links. If you don't want people linking to specific material, keep it off the Web.

And yes, that includes well-known sites like Slashdot and Groklaw (when Groklaw was running). Feel free to recommend my stuff even to sites that may pound me with lots of simultaneous readers.

Dead links expected

Some of the URL links on my site are dead. It's impossible to prevent it, because things change all the time. If someone provides me with a replacement link for a dead link, I will generally fix it. However, just saying "this link is dead" isn't helpful; I'd rather include a dead link, helping people find the information, than remove a link entirely. No one pays me to maintain this site, so I just can't spend the time researching new places for every dead link (that would be a full-time job!). If you find a dead link, the Internet archive (especially its Wayback Machine) is probably a good place to start.


I have a simple search page for people who want to search just the site. It's on a separate page, because it embeds Javascript loaded from another site (Google). I do this to enhance user privacy; I don't want people to be tracked simply because they visited my front page, so I do not embed that into my front page. I figure that if someone is asking to do a search, they're already expecting to send some data to someone.

If you want to search my site using Google, without Google Adsense, you can do that here:

DMCA Safe Harbor

Although I write a lot of my site's material, some of my site's material is provided to me by others. It is my policy and intent that anything posted on the site is 100% legal. (There may be a copyright, but as long as the use is authorized it is still legal.) If you believe that anything on my site is infringing, then please notify me as you would with any other service provider. (I am providing a network service, specifically a storage service.) As described in the Digital Millenium Copyright Act (DMCA) safe harbor laws, please notify me (Alex A Shaikh) immediately if you are the copyright owner and believe that my site includes infringing materials. I am my own agent for copyright complaints. You must provide the usual DMCA information required for proper takedown. Since a takedown request must come from a copyright owner, you need to provide good evidence that you are the copyright owner or speak for the owner. (This counters the risk of a non-copyright owner sending a takedown for material they do not like, but have no authority to take down.) This is the proper notification and takedown procedure. Please remember that I am not a lawyer, and I am an individual not a company; I do not have the time or resources that a thousand-person company would have.

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