About Wajid

Peace be with you all, My name is Wajid also known as Alex. I’m a Muslim brother who grew up in California and has come across many experiences, and I thought maybe you Muslims and Non-Muslims would be interested in learning about Islam. I try my best to talk about issues which I feel need to be reflected upon to reform oneself, a reminder to myself first.

A little bit about me:

I’m a good friend, son, husband and a father to a beautiful daughter name Bayla. Currently I’m in the Entrepreneur mode working on web hosting company I co-founded called Alex Technologies and concurrently building out this website + I’m affiliated to many top online companies. I do a lot of business online And ultimately, I want to continue studying the official teachings of Islam to become mufti one day Insha’Allah.

Easy Access

In this website, you going to find famous scholars videos, lectures, quotes, other famous website materials for your easy access. I have personally use these materials to keep myself out of balance. I hope it also help you with your thoughts and beliefs.

I always give credit for using materials from other sites, its a halal way. Plagiarism is against Islamic law. If I have use your material and you don’t want that material to be on this website. Please get a hold of me right away by sending an email to: ashaikh1996@gmail.com and i will remove it ASAP.

What is the purpose of this website?

The purpose of this website is to bring people from the darkness of polytheism, idol worship, and man-made fabrications into the Divine Light of Islam. My goal is to give people a better understanding of Islam by presenting it in a clean, and practical way.

One of the main problem in the world is ignorance. As a writer, I feel I need to address certain issues that are often ignored or not presented in a appealing way to young folks who willing to learn about Islam. I hope to establish a need for them to visit this website, and enlighten them without sacrificing my principles and ethical beliefs.

Meaning permissible to Islamic rules and give them a bridge to the ideology of “Enlighten About Islam”, meaning if you come across confusion  about Islam, just enlighten yourself to “Enlighten About Islam” website, and keep it moving…

So now it’s time to write articles targeted towards those who are in need of spiritual and mental development. Closing remarks, hold strong to your faith and remember Allah (God Almighty) at all times. As I always have said in the past, i would really appreciate if you can please share this website to anyone. Jazak’Allah.

Your brother in islam,

Wajid (Alex)

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