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5 Reasons to Publish a V-Log

April 12, 2012 Featured 0

Every blogger inevitably will hit a wall where they can no longer think of refreshing content to post on their site, more commonly known as writer’s block. Every sentence is a struggle to write,

and the words just won’t come together. No picture seems to fit and no paragraph flows. It’s frustrating and discouraging and completely unavoidable – we all suffer from writer’s block and burnout at different points in our writing and blogging careers. Sometimes all you need is to change things up a bit to get the creative juices flowing again – which is where video-logs (or v-logs) come into play. Thinking about making one? Here’s five reasons why you should:

1.      It Switches Things Up

As bloggers we get immersed in words and text, sentences and paragraphs, introductions and conclusions. But it’s good to get out of your element every now and then, and a v-log is the perfect way to do so. Talking to a camera is a completely different experience then transferring thoughts onto a page, and will help you escape the monotony of doing the same thing day in day out.

2.      Forms a Different Relationship with the Reader

Your readers know you because of your words, and maybe through photographs of yourself that are littered throughout your blog (if you’ve put any up). They’ve likely formed opinions about what you’re like in person, how you sound, etc. Giving them a v-log of yourself will allow them to see you in a different light, and create a new kind of connection with them, usually making them more loyal readers because they feel a closer bond to you.

3.      Creates More Depth

Think about the different types of blogs you read and what appeals to you – most of the more successful blogs showcase people who are well-rounded individuals sharing their knowledge with their readers. In general people are attracted to well-rounded personalities. Expanding what you do on your blog helps people perceive you as having more depth than someone who sticks to the same tactics over and over again.

4.      Hold Your Audience’s Attention Longer

At a certain point people stop reading and start scanning when there’s a lot of text in a blog post or article. Much like pictures help to break up text-heavy pieces, v-logs also help to keep your audience’s attention because things are constantly changing.

5.      Can Post Multiple Places

You can post videos in a variety of places on the web to help expand your readership. Think about how many people YouTube reaches on a daily basis – by posting your v-log there and on sites similar to that you are going to be able to reach far more people than just by posting on your blog alone.

If you’re looking to bring another level of dimension to your blog or are just interested in changing things up a bit, v-logs are the perfect route to take. They’ll make you a better blogger, get you out of your comfort zone, and add some flair, all of which will help you engage your readers more and avoid falling into a rut from doing the same things over and over again.

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