Instagram is one of the most famous picture sharing service around the world. People all over the world uses this service on either Android or iOs operating system. But Instagram is not supported by Windows phone yet. I found out about this when i got myself, a windows phone 8 for my business. Don’t get me wrong, i still have Samsung Note for my personal use. Anyway, i don’t know why windows phone is still missing this wonderful app. Therefore i looked around and search for some apps that are alternates to Instagram.

If you are using Windows Phone 8, you can try one of these alternatives (Note: Instagram for windows phone is coming soon but there is no details on release date available)

1. EyeEm

EyeEm is a free photo-sharing and discovery app for iPhone, Android & Windows Phone. This app allows you to take wonderful photos with 11 photo filters and then easily share those photos with your family and friends on Facebook, Flickr, Twitter, Tumblr and Foursquare. EyeEm is a real time photo search engine, that means you can simply snap a shot and discover albums of topics, places and events.


2. InstaCam

InstaCam is a photo and social sharing app that lets you take pictures and apply filters. Connecting to Instagram’s service, you are able to access your account. Since InstaCam operates parallel to Instagram, most options are specific to InstaCam. The app is similar to Instagram and also connects to the service. You can view pictures from different users and browse without an account. It is also possible to share the pictures on Twitter,Facebook, or through email. This app’s interface follows the theme set by Windows Phone 7 and scrolls through menus by swiping the screen. It is easy to use and pictures from your gallery or new pictures can be used. It is easy to use, and uploads depend on the connection that you have.


3. Lomogram

Lomogram is a photo editing app with more than 40 filters, lots of borders and light effects that can be combined in numerous ways to achieve unique look. You can easily share your photos in Facebook, twitter, flickr, and tumblr. To tell you the truth, this app is better than Instagram with respect to the options and filters. There are quite a lot of them. This is a must try for windows phone users.


4. Bubblegum

Meet Bubblegum, the most fun, free way to take and share photos on Windows Phone 7. It is currently ranked in the top five apps of its kind with thousands of users and photos in just a few short weeks. Use bubblegum to take photos, apply a wide range of fun effects and then share them with friends via Twitter, Facebook or Foursquare.


5. Photogram

Photogram is yet another free app which allows you to modify photos. Photogram can transform your photo with several filtered effects. You can use several prepared filter and frame, blur effect. Photogram is a simple way to share your iphone photos creatively and thoughtfully via Email, Facebook and Twitter. Oh, and it’s FREE!


Even though there are some awesome alternative available (some of them with features better than Instagram). I am still waiting for Instagram to officially launch in Windows Phone store. Try and use these apps above until Instagram decides to launch one for Windows Phone.

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