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I hope you like my one page responsive and mobile friendly website. As you know, this is my personal website, where I post documents and software I’ve written, in the hopes that you’ll find them interesting or useful. It includes serious articles (including tutorials, video presentation, blogging tips etc), useful programs, and purely whimsical stuff too. If you find any of my material interesting, please link to it and recommend that material to others. I’d appreciate it!

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My SEO program is a powerful and thoroughly researched solution. All my SEO projects are handled by myself and my team who are experts and follow a systematic process to analyze and deep-optimize websites using proven ethical techniques. (visit: http://alexshaikh.com/atg)
Web and graphic designing are my passion and profession too. I am a graphic designer with over 8 years experience creating graphic images and over 10 years designing web sites. (visit: http://alexshaikh.com/atg)
ATG out call services covers Orange County, Riverside County and San Diego County, California. We will attempt to solve your computer problem at your place, otherwise, we will pick it up and then return it to you when all work is complete (and successful). (visit: http://alexshaikh.com/atg)

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Who Am I?

My name is Alex Shaikh, I’m a Webmaster and developing professional with diversified experience in advertising, marketing, SEO Expert as well as App developer.

As a webmaster, I’m expertise in HTML5, XML, PHP, CSS, JavaScript as well as C++ programming etc. This is not a hobby, I love to do this kind of work! I spend a lot of time each week researching the Internet, and designing web pages and graphics. I acquainted with Adobe’s PhotoShop, Corel’s Draw, FreeHand, Adobe’s Illustrator, Macromedia’s Flash, and Macromedia’s Dreamweaver as well….

My Skills


Web Design And Graphic90%

PC Technician98%

Bonsai Art30%


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– Hostlivo.com remains committed to delivering the best value in Internet hosting by providing a safe, reliable and efficient process to create an Internet presence, all with a price structure driven by value.


– BusinessIdeasForAll.com scans the world for the most guaranteeing and creative business ideas, ventures and concepts that are equipped for locals or international adaptation, development, partnering, investments or cooperation.


– Alex Technologies Group is a company that provides PC Repair in Inland Empire – It is a family owned business with over 15+ years of experience in the Information Technology sector and around the United States.


– Bonsai Hut is a blog where i express my pleasure in doing Bonsai, and there is a Zen quality to it, a meditative quality. It’s always nice to nurture something, and that’s what it’s all about. If you are interested in learning all about Bonsai, then don’t hesitate to visit: bonsaihut.alexshaikh.com


What else in here?

In this website, I also write about SEO tips, social media, computer tips and tricks, gadget reviews, web application and designing tips, tech news, windows, mac, linux, unix and free desktop application tips, product reviews and just about any area of technology or anything that interests me in my blog section. I have designed this website to showcase certain areas of my life. I figure this will be a great social tool for friends, family, online users, webmasters, or people i meet in daily life as well as a sort of “online biography”.

So sit back, enjoy, and take a brief stroll through my world.

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Alex Shaikh


Alex Shaikh

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Alex Shaikh


Alex Shaikh

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In the past, I have worked for many top companies such as Fry’s Electronics, Verizon Wireless, CKE Enterprises, Western Digital, AT&T, Guidance (Abbott) etc and have gained a lot of respect and experiences in my workplace. Meantime, I also took care […]

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