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My name is Alex Shaikh, I’m a Webmaster and developing professional with diversified experience in advertising, marketing, SEO Expert as well as App developer. As a webmaster, I’m expertise in HTML5, XML, PHP, CSS, JavaScript as well as C++ programming. me I love to do this kind of work! I spend a lot of time each week researching the Internet, and designing web pages and graphics. I acquainted with Adobe’s PhotoShop, Corel’s Draw, FreeHand, Adobe’s Illustrator, Macromedia’s Flash, and Macromedia’s Dreamweaver as well…

Why I love design

Design allows me to speak any language. Solving problems through type, space, and image is the most universal way to communicate. It’s everything and anything.

I love coffee

When I sip coffee, I ponder the delicate process it took to get from a bean to my cup. From the growing, harvesting, processing, roasting, and brewing, it’s truly miraculous.

California is my life

My culture and personality have been greatly influenced by the warm currents of the Pacific Ocean. My biggest inspirations happen on Pacific Coast Highway beautiful water views.

Let’s get technical

My interest in design started as a teenager, learning to code HTML in Notepad. I sharpened these skills while attending private institute by learning the fundamentals and principles of design. Core concepts such as gestalt psychology were fascinating. Over the last two years, I’ve shifted focus to UX Design. Whether I’m sketching, wire framing, prototyping, the field combines my love of psychology with my passion for design.


Interface Design

To provide a good interface, I must understand the users needs. That is why I investigate projects systematically with stakeholders and constantly iterate designs.

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Front End Development

I believe in well organized CSS files, semantic HTML, and pixel perfection. This can only be achieved by a front-end developer who understands design.

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Visual Design

I rely heavily on graphic design to support how the user is going to interact with the product. An aesthetically appealing site could make or break usability.

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